Hi, I'm DJ Prophecy!

My life has been like a movie with massive ups and brutal downs. Through it all, I have always felt sad. Not so much for myself but for others and the state of the World.

 Justify is not about me or being a hero. It's about working together with YOU to make social change.

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1. show or prove to be right or reasonable.

Advertising Consumes Us

Unless you live like a hermit, advertising comes into your life several times a day. Advertising is the backbone of major corporations, it is the fuel that feeds shareholders as the gap between the wealthy and poor widens.

Times Square NYC

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I Have Worked In Marketing for 15+ Years

Although I consider myself ambitious, I am not driven by money. I don't want to live a plush lifestyle while someone else is suffering. To me, that would be living a lie.

My vision is simple, I want to use mainstream advertising as a tool for social activism. The same outlets used by our oppressors can be utilized to send a more meaningful message.

By separating into teams we can work together to build advertising campaigns that send a positive message while attacking social injustices. For now I have decided to not get involved with Politics.

Below are the first 3 issues I would like to address.


The alcohol industry spends billions of dollars making us feel comfortable with drinking their poison. Alcohol is a drug, it's a depressant, it's been linked to multiple forms of cancer and it brings out the worst in people.

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As the #METOO movement makes it's way through society, I feel like no one is talking about the deterioration of morality caused by pornography. Many of these #METOO horror stories play out like the scene of a porn and it's time to fight back.

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The Fashion industry, although it has made strides, is still plagued by international workers living on slave wages, extreme pollution of waterways and use of harsh chemicals that seep into our bloodstream.

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Our 3 Pillars of Change


Whether you are a developer, designer, photographer or just want to pitch in, we need your help to make change happen.

Online Polls

We will use online polls to make as many decisions as possible. This way anyone who is interested can take part in the creative process.

Crowd Funding

In order to compete with our oppressors we will pay for major advertising such as Facebook, Youtube, Billboards and more.


I pledge to operate with complete transparency. Every transaction will be made public.

I believe that the power to make change lies in the group not the individual.

Although I am angry, Justify is about spreading LOVE and COMPASSION.

What's with the logo?

I am a musician and 2 of my favorite artists are David Bowie and Prince. When Prince died it had a profound effect on me and I wanted to create a logo that would represent both of them, hence the purple lightning bolt.

Justify Agency LLC was launched in 2016 and is registered in New York City. Originally it was a marketing agency that I built with my friends. This new version has been launched on Saturday June 21st, 2018. From now on the company will be non-profit and dedicated to social change.